Small Soldiers Archer Remote Control Vehicle

Here is a great action figure inspired from the movie "Small Soldiers".

The adventure movie about small soldier toys versus the Gorgonites toys. 

In the movie, these toys were manufactured with a certain microchip that would enable the toy to learn. These toys started to have a mind on its own. The Small Soldiers led by Commando Elite swore to wipe out the Gorgonites. Gorgonites are belongs to a different species or creature that are quite deceiving since they are kind and friendly but fierce-looking creatures. It turned out that the Gorgonites must fight for their lives against the Small Soldiers and hope that they will be freed.

Together with two human kids, Alan and Christy helped the Gorgonites and stopped Commando Elite.

The movie "Small Soldiers" that was released in 1998 came out successful in many theatres around the world.

A mini action figure set that looks as cool as the toys that you see in the movie is in stores and you can buy them on eBay or Amazon.

You have the Archer of the Gorgonites and Commander Elite of the Small Soldiers team. Other Gorgonites are included in this set of toys as well.

A must have would be the good Archer of the Gorgonites. The Archer who lead the Gorgonites and freed his fellow creatures against the small soldiers with the help of Alan.

The Archer Action Figure comes is different sizes and styles. The picture above is one of the best collection you need to get. It is the Archer of Gorgonites on a remote control vehicle complete with all functionalities to help Archer save his team against Commander Elite.

Small Soldiers Archer Power Drill Cycle Radio Remote Control Vehicle Features are the following:

1. Archer with a 27Mhz Radio Remote Control Cycle
2. Controllable Speed and Actions
3. Forward and Reverse Radio Control
4. Turbo Engine and Twin Blasters
5. Vehicle Package includes:

Archer Figure
Duo C-Clamp Power Thrusters
Plier Roll Bar