Small Soldiers Action Figure

Have you been collecting different action figures such as Star Wars or Batman action Figures? Add new action figures to your collection from the movie "Small Soldiers".

If you have watched this 1998 family film for kids, you must be aware of the several main characters that are included in this movie, their weapons and special functionalities and of course the story.

Add a "Small Soldier" collectible on your collection or give a gift to your kids. They will be amazed by the functionalities included in every "Small Soldier" character.

A story film about the battle of Gorgonites versus Commando Elite's small soldier team is one of the most succesful movies of 1998. 

Check out the movie and watch the action figures on the move and get to know their weapons and special abilities.

A special "Archer" action figure on the wheels is the primary collectible for this movie together with "Commander Elite". The "Archer" on the left displays him riding on a car, with the ability to talk and move freely on his car with his arch.

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